St. James Cheese Company at Pythian Market

St. James Cheese Company

Artisan Cheeses, Charcuterie, and Gourmet Grocery Items

St James Cheese Company is a family-run enterprise, and our staff and guests are a part of this family. We are Richard and Danielle Sutton. We’ve pioneered the effort to bring artisanal and farmhouse cheeses to New Orleans since 2006.

Our obsession with cheese spans two continents. The name of our shop - St James - is homage to our cheese monger roots in the London neighborhood of St James, home to Paxton & Whitfield, the 200-year old shop where we began our life in cheese. St. James is also a nod to the song 'St. James Infirmary' made famous by Louis Armstrong and frequently heard throughout and associated with New Orleans. The song is actually about a London hospital, but it found a home in New Orleans with the city's favorite son.

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