The Pizza Box at Pythian Market

The Pizza Box

Pizza, Salad, Antipasto
Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm; Sunday Closed
Chef Emma Sanchez

PIZZA PARTY KIT! - 2 Blanched or raw dough with sauce, cheese, and 4 toppings
CARNIVAL CARNIVORE - San Marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella, coppa, prosciutto cotto, pepperoni, green bell pepper, green onion
FRENCH FUNGHI - Mozzarella, mushrooms, smoked gouda, green onions, chiles, garlic
GARDEN GROWN - Seasonal "Breathing Water's" broccoli rabe, green onions, ricotta, smoked gouda, olive salad
JAZZ TURKEY - Green garlic herb sauce, roasted turkey, mozzarella, smoked Gouda, green onions
MARGHERITA PIZZA - San Marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil
MARIGNY MUFFALETTA - Mozzarella, coppa, prosciutto cotto, olive salad, sesame seeds
PEPPERONI PIZZA - San Marzano tomato, fresh and shredded mozzarella
RIVERBEND RICOTTA - Grana padano, preserved lemon, garlic, black pepper, garden greens
ANTIPASTO - Flatbread, giardiniera, olive salad, marinated mozzarella, meats, fresh greens
KALE "CAESAR" - Chicory greens, tahini dressing, grana padano, lemon

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